Additional Resources

  • Directory of Belize’s Protected Areas (2011)

    This Directory of Belize’s Protected Areas is based on the original Directotry compiled by Simon Zisman and printed in 1996, and seeks to update the information available on the national protected areas managed under the NPAS.

  • The Status of Protected Areas in Belize – Full Report (2009) Download
  • State of Belize’s Protected Areas – Summary Report (2009)

    This assessment seeks to highlight: whether the NPAS is meeting its goals of conservation and socio-economic benefits; information for national, system and site-level adaptive management; capacity building requirements; knowledge gaps; and where strategic investments will be most effective.

  • Maya Mountain Marine Corridor Conservation Action Strategy (2008)

    The MMMC was first conceptualized in the mid-1990s by the Belize Center for Environmental Studies and TNC, and later taken on by TIDE. IN 2007-2008, TIDE, Ya’axche, TNC and FFI co-sponsored a planning effort that culminated in the preparation of this Conservation Action Strategy.

  • History of Protected Area Designation, Co-management and Community Participation in Belize (2006)

    This chapter will discuss the history of protected area designation and management in Belize from 1920s to today with emphasis on how this process has changed over time. In addition, the role that co-management has played in Belize’s Protected Areas System.