Belize Participates in IV Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas

Date: March 21, 2014

Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas is a technical meeting , academics and stakeholders from the Mesoamerican region , which meet every three or four years in order to discuss , disseminate and exchange knowledge on planning , management , operation and development of the Areas Protected conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem services and the promotion of human welfare.

The Congress is organized in the framework of the Central American Commission on Environment and Development CCAD and has been organized in three different countries in the region. The first Congress was held in Managua , Nicaragua in 2002 , the second Congress was held in Panama City , Panama in 2006 and the third Congress in Merida , Mexico in 2010 . During the last Congress adopted within the Council of Ministers of the CCAD that Costa Rica is the country guest of IV Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas .

In order to share experiences and identify measures to improve the management of Protected Areas of Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic , the organizers of the IV Mesoamerican Congress on Protected Areas defined eight conducting symposia which cover the main themes of the activity:

Symposium 1: The protected area governanceSymposium 2: Knowledge management in the protected areasSymposium 3 . Protected areas within the territorial and spatial terrestrial and marine national , regional and localSymposium 4: Management and planning of protected areasSymposium 5: protected areas and climate change solutionsSymposium 6: Protected areas as a tool for social and economic developmentSymposium 7: Cooperation and financing for protected area managementSymposium 8: The policy as an instrument of consolidation of protected areas

The WCPA will have an active role in the Scientific Committee and particularly in the organization of Symposium 5. This Symposium is co-organized with the Commission on Ecosystem Management. For additional information on the Congress and Symposium you can consult:

To learn more visit the official congress website.