Education and Awareness

  • NPAS Map 2015 (PDF)

    This is the most updated map of Belize’s protected areas. This two-page PDF has a complete listing of all the protected areas by category.

  • NPAS Map 2015 (JPEG)

    This is the JPEG version of the map and is ideal for inclusion in reports and user edited documents.

  • NPAS Map 2015 (For presentations)

    This PNG version of the NPAS map is ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations and other mediums without loss of quality when resizing.

  • NPAS Informational Brochure

    This is an overview of the guiding principle for protected areas management and the mechanisms set in place for implementation.

  • NPAS Brand Description

    The national branding campaign for Belize's protected areas is designed to publicize the holistic approach to protected areas management and how the system benefits all Belizeans.

  • Ecosystem Services of the Maya Mountains

    The Maya Mountains and Maya Mountain Marine Corridor provide essential goods and services to the entire country of Belize. They harbour significant value based on future contribution to timber, tourism, fisheries, water supply, carbon storage, etc.


Print Ready Files

All NPAS informational tools are available in high resolution, print-ready files for easy download. Feel free to reproduce and disseminate at your convenience. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and we apologize for any unintentional errors, transpositions, additions, omissions and misspells. Please notify our office to suggest edits and request edited versions for any of the tools available here.

  • NPAS Map 2015 (Poster) Download
  • NPAS Informational Sheet (Terrestrial and Marine) Download
  • NPAS Informational Brochure [Outside] Download
  • NPAS Informational Brochure [Inside] Download