Investing in the Chiquibul

Date: October 10, 2013

FCD (Friends for Conservation and Development) has received funding from the UNDP/GEF funded SNC.PAs project to construct the Chiquibul Visitor Center. The center is adjacent to Tapir Camp, home base of the rangers, just a mile from the Guacamallo Bridge. It is designed to attract visitors to the area and serve as a medium for story-telling, and demonstrating the beauty and the value of the NPAS.
On display will be the many features, landscapes and attributes of the Chiquibul as well as the diverse programs of FCD such as research, education, enforcement, partnerships and bi-national cooperation. The most significant outputs of this investment will be to galvanize support for the protection and conservation of the Chiquibul Forest, and as a revenue generating opportunity for the park. The Chiquibul Visitor Center gives the Chiquibul Forest a different outlook and an enhanced visitor experience.
The Chiquibul Forest is comprised of three protected areas, namely the Chiquibul National Park, Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. Together they form the largest contiguous block of tropical forest west of the Maya Mountain Massif. The landmass represents 7.7% of Belize and has a rich biodiversity due to the diverse ecosystems. Important features include the majestic Maya monuments of Caracol; the Chiquibul Cave System which is known to be the largest cave system of its type in Central America; Belize’s highest point and the Chiquibul watershed.