Modernizing Fee System for the NPAS

Date: October 4, 2013

A team from IUCN has been contracted to improve the sustainability of the NPAS by operationalizing mechanisms aimed at increasing the efficiency in the collection, administration and reinvestment of protected areas fees in Belize. The first consultation workshop was held in October 2013 and led by IUCN and the National Protected Areas Secretariat. The workshop involved key NPAS partners in the initial process to modernize our protected area fee system. Participants included members of APAMO, international funders, regulatory agencies and protected area co-managers.
A major expected outcome of the project is for NPAS to be supported by modernized and diversified financing thereby increasing the sustainability of the system. This will be accomplished in part by the development of a Protected Areas Fee Policy and an accompanying framework for implementation, so as to increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which fees are collected, administered and reinvested.