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This is a collection of music by Belizean artists. 

  • Sweet Pain Band "Waguchi"

    Sweet Pain Band collaborates with C. Willis on this Garifuna melody. The song has a sweet blend of acoustics and traditional drumming mixed by Junie Mar, a musical genius.

    This song has been uploaded with permission from the artist. All rights reserved to artist: Sweet Pain Band. 

  • Sweet Pain Band "Nature. Culture. Life."

    Sweet Pain Band has released this song about Belize's many protected areas and how important they are to our lives. Method aka Brownbwoy Lewis has a strong, recognizable voice and describes protected areas as one system called NPAS (National Protected Areas System). Protected areas belong belong to all Belizeans and having this system secures the many natural wonders that make Belize beautiful. The Maya Mountains, Barrier Reef and everything that makes up the 103 protected areas are part of our Belizean identity and history. Junie Mar, the lead studio producer,  provides vocal support to this catchy tune. We should be proud and keep working together so Belize's protected areas can continue to secure our jobs, our food, our homes and our future.

  • Supa G "Sustainable Fishing"

    Supa G has produced this song in partnership with the Belize Fisheries Department and other partners of the Sustainable Fisheries for Our Future Initiative. The lyrics and popular voice of Supa G, creatively recite the importance of fishing to Belize's many cultures. The song is a call to action for fishers  to ensure that we take up good practices so that we can continue fishing well into the future. The song is geared towards the implementation of managed access fisheries in Belize. The managed access program seeks to protect the rights of traditional fishers. The program consists of licensing traditional fishers to access their traditional sites. Additionally, it seeks to improve data collection and enforcement. It is expected that fishers will become better stewards of the sites and that the fishery will recover.

  • Supa G "Liru Bau"

    Supa G sings about an abusive relationship in his native Garifuna language. The distinctive drums provide a catchy and emotional backdrop to his rendition of empathy and hope. He calls out the abuse and lets the female know that a true relationship is based on love and respect, not abuse.

    This song has been uploaded with permission from the artist. All rights reserved to artist: Supa G. 

  • Positive Vybz "Lionfish Switch"

    Belize City based punta rock artist Positive Vybz lends his talent to the lionfish campaign. In this song, he calls on everyone to start eating delicious lionfish - an alien invasive fish that threatens the health of Belize's coral reefs and fisheries. Produced by soca artist TR Shine and with a backing track created by Kendoyll Simpson, mastermind behind Melonie Gillet's Rush and TR Shine's Kick It.