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Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development

The Government of Belize has established the Ministry to create greater coordination between the regulatory agencies with relevant mandate to the National Protected Areas System.

National Protected Areas Technical Committee


The National Protected Areas Technical Committee was established to incorporate protected areas in the plans and strategies of the relevant agencies. The committee provides technical guidance on the implementation of the system plan and serves as a body for national coordination and consultation on matters related to protected areas. Members of the committee include:

  • Association of Protected Areas Management Organization,
  • Belize Fisheries Department,
  • Belize Forest Department,
  • Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Institute of Archaeology,
  • University of Belize-ERI,
  • Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute,
  • Protected Areas Conservation Trust,
  • Belize Association of Private Protected Areas,
  • National Protected Areas Secretariat,
  • National Federation of Community Based Organization,
  • Lands and Survey Department, Agriculture Department

National Protected Areas Secretariat

The National Protected Areas Secretariat was instituted in 2010 to coordinate the implementation of the National Protected Areas System Plan. The Secretariat serves as the primary liaison between GOB and protected areas stakeholders for implementation of the system plan. The Secretariat prepares proposals and coordinates projects designed to achieve the targets outlined in the Operational Framework for the system.  Assistance is also provided to various Ministries and protected areas stakeholders for the advancement of strategic objectives identified in the Operational Framework.

Project Management Units
Project Management Units are established within the National Protected Areas Secretariat to implement activities of the National Protected Areas Policy and System Plan.

National Protected Areas System
Belize’s protected areas form a national system of over 100 individual sites. NPAS is a national brand created to represent the significant value that the system has to he country of Belize. The tagline promotes the benefits that the system provides to nature, culture and life. The logo conveys the many aspects of protected areas into an easily recognizable symbol and tagline.

About the Logo
The objective of the  logo  is to convey the key aspects of the NPAS as a holistic approach to protected areas management. A sailboat was chosen as a creative symbol to ‘set sail’ the message of protected areas, whilst encompassing the forest and terrestrial elements into one overall design. The ‘leaf sail’ represents healthy forests and evokes a sense of intimate balance with the human dimension (represented by the sail). Incorporating the parrot builds on the awareness momentum generated by the Forest Department. For many years the scarlet macaw has been used as the champion species to convey that ‘forests are more than trees.’ The blue vector combines to form a ‘sailboat’ that represents the human and cultural dimension of protected areas. A sailboat is easily recognizable as a symbol for livelihoods because of it is used in the fisheries and tourism sector.  It also represents the communities that depend on our marine environment for storm protection and traditions.

NPASHarmony colours were chosen for visual appeal of the overall logo. Green symbolizes nature and the natural world. It represents life, tranquillity, renewal and fertility. Blue is a prominent colour of the marine environment and conveys the vastness of both the water bodies and the atmosphere.

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