Protected Areas Videos

The protected areas are featured through the work of our partners and collaborators. Here are a few videos that demonstrate the value of protected areas to Nature, Culture, Life.

Launch of the NPAS Secretariat (7:55)

The Protected Areas of Belize by APAMO (7:34)

Synopsis: Describes the magnificence of Belize’s natural resources and gives a thorough break down of Belize’s PA categories. It conveys that our natural resources are at risk from unsustainable practices due to the lack of optimum resources required for management and enforcement. However, it recognized that whilst the problems are overwhelming, jointly managed PAS can be accomplished through communication and meaningful partnerships. Overall the video has great sights and sounds of protected areas, the biodiversity they sustain and the Belize socio-economic context.

Sarteneja Seeking Solutions by SACD (10:10)

Synopsis: Provides a unique insight into the long-time traditional fishing village of Sarteneja. Their villagers compose the largest percentage of Belize’s fishers. The fishers and the seldom heard of, wives, speak of the noted decrease of fisheries and the socio-economic impacts of unsustainable fishery practices and development. Noting the effects on livelihoods and human well-being they have began to seek solutions that include: fisher alternatives such as tourism and pig-rearing; women empowerment through the development of home stays that allow visitors to immerse in the culture; and enhanced awareness by demonstrating the value of sustainability and PA management to fishers and the communities. They understand and promote the concept of: “Conservation says go ahead and fish but there are responsible and sustainable ways of doing so.”

Belize Audubon Society: Preserving Belize’s Natural Resources by GLP for BAS (4:40)

Synopsis: This video describes the work of the BAS and the PAs that they manage including Cockscomb, St. Herman’s and Blue Hole. Researchers, teachers and community leaders talk about the importance of the protected areas to the Belizean communities. A jaguar researcher states that there is limited awareness of the value of our natural resources and that population growth has led to extraction and resource use that is not considered sustainable. Local community groups working with BAS speak about the socio-economic opportunities that tourism has created for the communities adjacent to the Cockscomb Basin. The continued management by BAS further enhances the management and benefits that communities get from protected areas.

The Cohune, the Gibnut and Us by Ya’axche (9:43)

Synopsis: This video provides good sights of the southern mountains and their forests. It talks about the many benefits that forests provide to the social and cultural values of communities. Forests are an integral part of the culture and provide communities with clean water, homes, medicine and a healthy, happy life. The video uses the cohune to demonstrate the importance of biodiversity and the sensitivity of biological connectivity. Traditional communities use cohune for building but realize the importance of sustainable use to ensure that the trees remain resilient and keep providing food for animals. These animals are also and important food source for traditional cultures. Sustainable use of the natural resources maintains biological connectivity and allows the resources to keep providing socio-economic benefits.

Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge by FCD (2:35)

Synopsis: This video aims to focus on the Maya Mountains of Belize, as we are internationally known as a diving destination. It sets the Maya Mountain as a stage for adventure, challenging anyone and everyone to take up the invitation. The challenge will test the fortitude of teams that will be traversing over 220 miles of mountains in 3 days and 3 nights of tracking, orienteering, mountain biking, canoeing, rapeling and spelunking. This is a call to action to come experience Belize and it is certainly a professionally done video.